Custom & Renewed Builds

We strive to build custom machines based upon average users needs – Gaming, Office and General Workstation environments. We can and will post more specialized machines from time to time but majority of the machines we build are geared to a end all be all use case.

Along with that, we are also selling renewed builds. Any PC’s that come to us, we will: Inspect, Clean, Upgrade (if necessary), test performance then, if passed, will be listed on sale. May not be new, but you can get a good machine that works while saving a few bucks for maybe games or lunch!


Nothing we have listed meets your interest? Then make a request to us on what you wish to buy and what is your budget? Quite easy, all you need is to provide your budget, what your main use of the PC (Gaming, Editing (video, Audio, Image), Office) and we will do our best to build it within your means by replying to you with a selection of what we may think is best for you and within your needs.


Have a PC or Parts and you want to upgrade to something newer and more powerful? Provide us with photos of said machine and system information, and we will then determine its value and offer either discount further on a new build/requested build or we will provide money for said build. We wont accept every build though as we will have to determine if its worth for parts or for resell.