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Absolute Core Clock in Trex Miner

Setting up Absolute Core clock (and really any forced settings within TREX miner) does a far better job of obtaining efficiency and possibly stability than using MSI afterburner, within windows, in overclocking your GPU’s. This is an older video from Sibs Fintech but a good way to index the video anyway so that when searching, …

My Abandonware – Free Games

My abandonware is a website that hosts all the abandonware to download and play. Yes, it is all legal hence the name abandonware (no longer licensed for various reasons) and that since it is left abandoned, it is free to grab.

ErgoHack II info Update

ErgoHack II, a competition of specialists, work to solve a problem using information technology in order to present a prototype for a product that implements the solution for said problem. This comes 3 months after last Ergohack. Lots of cool projects in the works!

Crypto Mining To End With ETH 2.0?

Sebs Fintech did a good video regarding if mining will come to an end after ETH 2.0 (spoilers: It wont) and so in the video, he does the math to give an idea as to what to expect in terms of value with a 3070 between various coins before and after changes.