Customized Builds

Our goal at PCGR is to build PC’s to the customers needs and at a budget. Would you like a $3000 PC? Sure, we all do. But do you need one (We will build one for you if you wish for one)? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice much performance at a budget. Got a need for a PC but unsure what you need exactly or that you have a strict budget? Send us a request or select our recommendations, and we will work with you and your budget! We build to customers budget

What we do:

* Build within customers budget (Reasonable budgets of course)
* Find lowest prices possible on each component even if obtaining from multiple sources
* Record the building process and all the testing for stability and performance for the customer

Renewed Builds

Every now and then we will be listing our systems any machines that we have repaired, tested and verified that it works. Yes, it may not be new and with all the warranty you may wish to have for peace of mind, but be at peace knowing that we verified their performance and health; while saving money at the same time too.


Have a PC or Parts and you want to upgrade to something newer and more powerful? Provide us with photos of said machine and system information, and we will then determine its value and offer either discount further on a new build/requested build or we will provide money for said build. We wont accept every build though as we will have to determine if its worth for parts or for resell.

Parts, Peripherals & Games

At times we will have spare hardware & software. We don’t show bias: we will also list for sale items of used consoles, games, controllers, etc. We will also sell peripherals such as keyboards, mice, monitors and other hardware for your PC and gaming needs!


Need assistance with your current machine or wanting to see if you can upgrade your current build and unsure what to put in it or how much you should be spending? We can help with that. We will provide service such as:

* System Upgrades
* Repairs/Diagnostics

* Virus Detection and Removal
* Data backup and protection
* Consulting (Make suggestions and guide you on what you should do or need to do).