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Mining Ergo – Tutorial

Miner Software

OK, so now you know your GPU, let us select a mining software.

Now, everyone has their specifics.  I personally am open to any piece of software that will just work, but there seems to be a consensus that:

So, since that I have determined my GPU to be a RTX 3060, which is an Nvidia product, I will be using T-Rex Miner.


If you are using Windows OS, your antivirus will report the miner software as a virus.  You will have to allow it or your miner will keep getting erased by Windows Defender itself.

Check this video out if need of help:

Once you have downloaded the miner and extracted the zip file to a folder of your choosing, you will have a list of scripts within the miner:

Now let us edit the ERGO-herominers.bat file:

This is what it should look like (if in Canada like myself, if in US lets say it would be

If you are wanting to know which herominer address you want to use, then check out on the herominers website and the start section, it will give you the listing of its servers:

and here we are going on mining ERGO on my RTX 3060 LHR 2 (this card isn’t worth mining ERGO with.  But I am just using it as an example when setting up a ERGO mining rig).

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