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Mining Ergo – Tutorial


You think you are done?

Well, sit down, cause you want to get the most out of your GPU and mining so that you can increase your profit while reducing GPU’s power consumption and heat.

I’ll start off with saying if you got a RTX 3060 LHR 2 model like mine, you may not be able to mine with said GPU.  The LHR 1 cards were bypassed with a BETA nvidia bios 470 but with the new LHR 2 cards, you cannot install drivers older than 471.11 drivers.  In this regard, cards such as 3070 ti and 3080 ti, and older RTX 3060’s, 3070’s and 3080’s (before LHR) are great for mining ERGO on the Nvidia side of GPU’s.

Unsure what settings you should do?  Thankfully there is a ERGO miners hashrate and GPU settings chart:

What software do you need?


well, if you are on an AMD GPU, then I suggest using the built in AMD software.

This guide from AMD themselves is a great breakdown of using their tuning software built into the driver software.


MSI Afterburner is the most popular and ideal software solution for nvidia GPU’s within Windows.

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