Need a PC and want us to build it? Please fill out the details below and we will get back to you in a day or two with suggestions around your budget.

Please keep in mind that needs/wants need to correlate with the budget. For instance, if you want AIO cooling for the CPU, RGB and gaming machine but state you want it for $500, that may be unattainable. We also have to source the parts.

We will source the parts at the lowest price as the best we can do based upon what is available. We shop at all available suppliers and not limiting ourselves to just local suppliers. Because of this, it may take longer for the parts to be delivered. When all is delivered, we will contact you with the proof of all the parts and ready for the build to which we will film – from unboxing the hardware to the building, to finally testing the machine.

Need More info? Please check out our FAQ page or Contact Us and we will get back to you.